☕️ 7 days CHEZ MANU☕️


Maybe you should have checked the weather before booking your holidays... Welcome to Cérans Foulletourte, there are plenty of things to do here: going to CHEZ MANU and... that's it. Forget the rain and try all the activites available, but there is only one rule to be allowed to do so: order the perfect coffee. Will you be an unforgettable tourist?


For this new JAM we've merged our theme "DISSATISFACTION" with the 159th Weekly Game Jam's theme "Café". As coffee lovers and perfectionnist, this was the perfect shot. Coffee is one of the most consumed drink in the world and is usually a way to fit in social groups. As french people, we are also used to hearing cliches about "french café", often considered classy and "raffiné", however, reality is a bit... different ;). Our game is a tribute to these dear café and their lovely regulars.


A bunch of people getting together to make innovative game design experiences and talk about deep stuff through games, in a positive and joyful process.

This game was passionately made by  Milo Kalita, Sacha Mathelet, Juliette Pereira, Tom Rivière, Eliot Trouttet, Fred Urien and Marie Wesolek.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorSavvy Community
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Feel Good, Narrative, Point & Click, Singleplayer, Slice Of Life

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Thanks you beaucoup for the boulot. 
The game is very bien. I've lot of rire. But the achievements are assez dur. 

Congrats from a sarthois


Merci very much! 



After a whole week of awkward conversations with the locals I was finally able to have two proper ones! Loved the art style and the laughter of the patron!


Thank you very much!



Amazing :) Fantastic art work, premise, mini-games :) Pretty much blown away at what you all achieved!

Thank you so much! Eliot Trouttet is the one responsible for the amazing Art, you can check out his work here --> https://www.instagram.com/eliot_trouttet/




Holy shit! Incredible how fast you made that game! Did you worked 3 full days on it or half days?

That is some serious nice work you got there guys, I really enjoyed my stay in Chez Manu :D

Feel free to check out my game too: https://yapsinho.itch.io/the-perfect-coffee

But honestly, I feel nearly ashamed to ask you to try out my little game :p

Wow, thank you so much for the feedback, so nice to hear! We talked about the theme on sunday and worked 3 full days starting from monday :) 

We'll definitely play your game :D

Thank you again!


Full day = 8 heures in France :D


Incredible that this was done in one week! I loved how creative it was, and enjoyed the game! Really nice job! Here's mine https://itch.io/jam/weekly-game-jam-159/rate/715311 feel free to check it out :)

Thank you so much! We actually worked 3 days on it! We're trying to keep upgrading our methodology to be able to fast-produce nice games, without this being a burden!

Your game was very fun too! You could raise the difficulty quite a bit so it becomes a NIGHTMARE 😈!

Cheers :)


that's incredible that this was made in 3 days, I look forward to seeing more of your guys' work!


Gorgeous game, quite fun, great use of the theme. Loved all the little details, mini games, and personality. Well done!

Merci very much :)

Quick question: did you think the language was hard to understand?



I did not, but I also spent the last 4 years working very closely with a native Parisian and I found myself reading everything in his voice, so even though I didn’t know exactly what all the words were, there was plenty of context.




An interesting idea, with professional implementation, this is a very interesting game.

Thank you so much! It means a lot to us :) 



very nice work i enjoyed it. 

i know a bit of frensh and i like what you did

Hey! Thank you so much for your feedback, we're  glad you liked it :D