In order to protect us humans from inevitable death, robots have put us in a deep sleep. Your mission, as a human being, is to fight to get humanity's mortality and fate back. "I, HUMAN" is a game about hiding your emotions to go unnoticed in a world of robots, in your quest to restore the mortality of humanity.


W,A,S,D or directional arrows to move,
E to interact,
K & L to calm down


This game was made as our 2020 Emotional Game Jam's entry. The 2 themes were "Emotions, Death and Robots" and "Recycling".
⚠ Photosensitivity & Epilepsy ⚠


We are Savvy Community, a savvy bunch that experiments with mixing PLAYING and LEARNING STUFF.
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This game was made by Lola El Koubi, Thibaud Marcou, Gregoire Thiebaud, Tom Rivière and Fred Urien.

music by lezef

Development log


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how do you expect me to answer the captcha questions!?!?!!

Hello! Thank you for playing! You should ask one of your robotic friends 😉

is that a hint for something? just give me a direct answer.

Pretty sure you can find everything you need on the internet. 

what about find the intruder?


It's kinda similar but a bit trickier :). All are viruses, but only one doesn't target computers.

I can't get past the 3rd stage

Hello. Well for sure the game is pretty hard atm.. You can either try hard or wait a few days for us to balance it a bit. 😅 Follow us to get reminded once the update is here. Thank you for playing!