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In this game, you're given 1 task: get in touch with someone you've never seen, based on what your friend told you about this person. Being very profound, your friend only talked about this person's expected behavior when you'd meet, which is not the most helpful thing, but hey.


This time we've mixed our theme 'Personal Space' with the Weekly Game Jam's theme 'Same But Different'. We wanted to point out that even if people look alike, everyone has their own notion of where their personal space begins.


Mouse Only.


We are Savvy Community!

We are a bunch of savvies who want to put together playing and learning!

We gather one day per week in Lyon (France) and Discord to create a game about society, the world and humans living together in it.

Because a game doesn’t have to be serious for you to learn things from it, join the community and let us create savvy games together!

Discord - facebook - twitter


Made with love by Delphin Casado, Ghislain Mirat, Tom Rivière, Frédéric Urien and the excused sorryness of Lola El Koubi & Juliette Pereira.

Updated 19 days ago
Published 24 days ago
AuthorSavvy Community
GenreEducational, Puzzle, Simulation
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Dating Sim, Life Simulation, savvy, Unity

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