In this game, you have to make your way out of a giant maze, the only difficulty being that the key bindings are randomized at the beginning of every level, and that you have only 5 seconds to remember them. 🤓

This time we wanted to work on COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE : how cooperation helps to go further and to reach a goal (or to rip eachother appart on the way there, it depends...). This game can be played all alone, but it will be WAY easier to have more brains and hands to escape this evil maze!

Randomized key bindings 🤓


We are Savvy Community!

We are a bunch of savvies who want to put together playing and learning!

We gather one day per week in Lyon (France) and Discord to create a game about society, the world and humans living together in it.

Because a game doesn’t have to be serious for you to learn things from it, join the community and let us create savvy games together!

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Made by Delphin Casado, Lola El Koubi, Tom Rivière and Frédéric Urien.

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