In this game, you chose a unique banner within a faction and your objective is to bring honor and victory upon your faction. In "My Beloved Faction", the difficulty is to determine whether your opponent is in your team or not, and react accordingly.


This time we wanted to work on ME / YOU / US / THEM, so we decided to talk about groups, and in particular about the necessity for a community to overcome differences in order to coordinate for a common cause. Sometimes it is difficult to identify an ally and join forces.


mouse only


We are Savvy Community!

We are a bunch of savvies who want to put together playing and learning!

We gather one day per week in Lyon (France) and Discord to create a game about society, the world and humans living together in it.

Because a game doesn’t have to be serious for you to learn things from it, join the community and let us create savvy games together!

Discord - facebook - twitter

ENJOY, and give us feedback!

Made with love by special guest Juliette Pereira, Delphin Casado, Tom Rivière, Frédéric Urien and the mighty spirit of Lola El Koubi.


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Can't select a faction in either FF or Chrome. :(


Idk why

Hi DeltaHexlet! We'll add new banners soon! What faction would you like to join? Care for a tailor-made banner? Just let us know ;).

Plants i guess

Daisy Coquelicot Fern Geranium Sunflower Nenuphar Orties Tulipe Cactus Chardon Dandelion Clover Orchid Peony Lavender Lily of the valley

These are the banners  of the Plants Faction already in the game. Choose one that isn't in there, we'll add it and let you know! 


sorry if i missed an important part of anything but what exactly is a banner, how do i go about creating one?

Hey com2kid! There can be only 16 banners per faction at the moment, this way every banner can be unique (and illustrated). We'll add new banners soon! Which faction were you hoping to join? We could design one banner especially for you ;).